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Simply speaking, we know security solutions, security business news and security stocks. When oil spiked to near $100 a barrel we decided to increase our focus to also include Alternative Energy and Environment Security solutions and stocks.

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About Us

SecurityStockWatch.com is the #1 portal to security solutions, stocks, and news. We also cover homeland security news, environment solutions, and alternative energy solutions.

For a listing of the specific industries we target, please see "What We Do"

We track and report on the business developments at companies in these target industries whether they are private or public. Our goal is to bring our audience more information about these companies than is available anywhere else.

We are privately owned and independent.

Our Audience Includes:

Executives at key enterprise verticals such as:

Financial Services
Technology and Telecommunication

For a complete list of these industries, click here.

These executives are managers at Fortune 1000 companies and small and medium sized enterprises.

Please see these examples of end-users who visit our site and their job titles:
- Enterprise Visitors: www.securitystockwatch.com/Enterprise_Visitors.html
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Government, Law Enforcement, and First Responder Personnel
- Federal, state, local governments and agencies (DOD, DOJ, DOS, DOHS)
- First responders (fire, EMS, hazmat)
- Law enforcement

Please see these examples of Government, Law Enforcement and First Responder personnel who visit our site: www.securitystockwatch.com/Main/Government_Visitors.html

Professional and Private Investors

As the #1 "security stock" site, our demographics also include:

Asset managers
Buy side
Corporate investors
Exchange traded funds
Financial planners
Financial media
Fund managers
Hedge funds
Insurance companies
Investment advisors
Investment bankers
Money managers
Mutual fund families
Pension funds
Private investors
Sell side
Stock analysts
Venture capitalists

Please see these examples of Financial Community Visitors to our site:

Event Sponsorships

We sponsor a large number of high profile security events such as ASIS and GOVSEC, and financial conferences, to increase our reach and awareness. Please see Events.

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